LG Dire Wolves to make Aussie esports history

LG Dire Wolves captain Mitchell 'Destiny' Shaw.

The LG Dire Wolves will make esports history on September 23 when they will be the first Australian League of Legends team to compete in the League of Legends World Championship.

Esports: Wargaming to amplify Australian presence

Wargaming is known for its competitive game World of Tanks.

With its hiring of a new business manager for Australia and New Zealand, the company behind World of Tanks has taken its first steps to a becoming the next big name in esports down under.

The magic of mystery video game tournaments

Combo Breaker

When you enter a gaming tournament, you usually know what you're in for. Unless you're entering a mystery game tournament. Do that, as dozens of people did at the Combo Breaker event in the US state of Illinois last weekend, and you're playing the notorious Dong Dong Never Die.

LG Dire Wolves take the crown: OPL Grand Final recap

LoL OPL 2017

Since their inception in 2014, the LG Dire Wolves have been regarded as a bunch of talented misfits: an Inglourious Basterds-style team of elite players who were too prickly to fit into other teams. At times, it almost seemed as if they were more interested in their rank on the Challenger ladder more than the success of their team.

League of Legends OPL week 9 recaps

LoL OPL 2017

There's still one more week to go in the Oceanic Pro League's regular season, but our playoff teams have already been locked in.

League of Legends OPL week 8 recaps

LoL OPL 2017

Sin Gaming notched a second upset win over Legacy eSports as Chiefs Esports Club's substitute roster blew Exile 5 out of the water, proving that there is no justice on Summoner's Rift.