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Becoming a successful 'plus-size' model

"The idea was to cover as
much of our bodies as possible. We
were draped in massive shirts and
baggy pants. God forbid ...

Before launching her own modelling agency and signing the likes of Robyn Lawley, Chelsea Bonner broke through barriers to become a successful model herself.

Love and fashion with Maia Cotton

Bally hooded leather jacket, $4100. Matin silk jumpsuit, $673. Bonds bra, $30.

Too gorgeous to hide! Sexy, stylish underwear that makes you feel fabulous from the inside out. Maia Mitchell shows how to shine on the day for lovers.

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Gabby Burns dresses to suit herself and doesn't really follow trends.

Street Seen: I get pretty much all of my bags from Stella McCartney. I try to shop ethically.