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Hard times ... the Newstart allowance has not been increased in real terms in a quarter of a century.

Let's lift our Newstart underclass out of poverty

The payment for people seeking paid work has not risen to meet the cost of living in a quarter of a century. Business, unions and most Australians want it lifted - and it's time for both major parties to wake up to public sentiment.

Illustration: John Shakespeare

Ahhh, the scent of old Spicer

When Sean Spicer took the gig that’d take him to the big time in Donald Trump’s White House, he apparently retained enough self–awareness to ask: “If I do this, will I ever be able to work again?” The answer, somehow, is yes.

Bernie Finn

CBD Melbourne

So we all know Victorian Premier Daniel - sorry, Dan - Andrews is practically Richard Pankhurst next to the Liberals, but his equality battles aren’t over yet.

Craig Kelly appeared to have lost the numbers among local members to win preselection in his seat of Hughes.

Party democracy myths and hypocrisy

Membership of political parties has fallen dramatically which makes it relatively easy for a small branch in an electorate to be “taken over” by new members.


Marching towards Garden of Eden (Monaro)

Prime Minister for now Scott Morrison’s woes appeared far closer to home this week, but CBD predicts the Liberals will face a far greater problem keeping restless Nationals on-side in NSW and Victoria.