Sweet polyphony with an original twist

Artistic Director of The Song Company Antony Pitts.

One could easily – but erroneously – conclude that singing Renaissance polyphonic music from the original part-books is an inconsequential affectation for the musical equivalent of horse-and-buggy enthusiasts.

The elite team whose goal is beauty

Antony Pitts puts the Song Company singers through their paces.

Chatting and laughing amiably together, the 10 casually dressed singers gathered around a single music stand give no hint of the sublime music that is about to fill the room.

Austerity and joy each play their part

The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir accompanies the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

The Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir unearthed striking similarities and differences between the works of J.S. Bach and Arvo Part.