Power nanna naps encouraged for AMP staffers

Illustration: John Shakespeare

After its rather scandalous appearance before the bank royal commission, a few people out there were suggesting that members of AMP’s board - and senior management - were asleep at the wheel

Lottoland finds a friend in ... Mozambique

 Tom Waterhouse

Online betting group Lottoland is pulling out all the stops to try and block the federal government's effective ban on what it sees as 'fake'' or ''synthetic'' lottery websites.

Wal King reclaims an ASX throne at coal miner Terracom

Illustration: John Shakespeare

CBD was shocked to hear that former Leighton boss Wal King still has a coveted ASX chairman's crown, and will get to test his appeal with investors in Brisbane this Thursday when Terracom shareholders get to elect him to the board for the first time.

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